Surgical Instruments Systems


Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. processes raw materials and semi-processed materials to produce the final product in accordance with the customer orders in its plant in Samsun/TURKEY. Modern production machines and technologies are used in production in addition to the conventional machinery and methods. Every stage of the production process is carried out meticulously with great care.
Excellent corrosion resistance, high functionality, and robustness are the most important features of all our surgical instruments.

Our products under the title of surgical instruments have the diversity that can meet the needs of surgery departments of health institutions and organizations. Surgical instruments for general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, cardiovascular surgery, urology, micro-surgery, gynecology, and plastic surgery are produced in our plants.

Ent Instruments

In the field of ENT surgery, Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. Instruments offers a very broad product range and covers almost all fields of ENT surgery. 50 different set proposals can be offered, including one for sinus surgery (FESS), tonsillectomy, micro ear and laryngeal surgery or plastic ENT surgery.
Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. offers Ent instruments to its customers under its own brand Entech.

Vats / Mis Instruments

Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. has been dedicated to working closely with surgeons to provide the highest quality, innovative surgical instruments.
The specialty of thoracic surgery continues to evolve from a conventional open approach to a thoracoscopic approach. This evolution to video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) surgery has been the catalyst for a new generation of specialty surgical instrumentation.
Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. pioneered and continues to be the leader with innovative VATS instrumentation. Aseltech minimally invasive instruments offer a unique dual pivot point design that enables the instrument to be fully functional when placed through a port or very small thoracic incision while still providing the familiarity of traditional style handles for a comfortable feel and superior tactile response.