Sterile Container Systems


Asel Tıbbi Aletler A.Ş. manufactures sterilization container systems in medical industry since 2003 and releases the quality that takes human health under best protection. Aseltech sterilization container systems are made of special alloy - 2mm high quality raw material and serviced to the whole world as 8 different models and colors coding easy distinctiveness. The single block label holders on both sides of the containers also serve for that purpose while carrying handles having 90° mobility and ergonomic design provide easy and secure carrying facilities and the gasket inside the lid ensures perfect tightness.

Besides providing a greener alternative to wrapping method, Aseltech sterilization container systems also generate a great return on investment. Aseltech meets needs of the market and preferred by many users all over the world because of its high quality, reasonable prices and variety of products that appeal to every user.

Wire & Steel Sheet Baskets Systems

The baskets are the main supplementary components of container systems and they are necessary for a full set container. ASELTECH has focused on 3 main model in basket production. Two of these models are wire basket and perforated sheet basket. The third model is a combination of these two models with perforated metal plates on sides and with wire mesh on bottom. ASELTECH has the model and sizes of baskets in its standard production appealing to all container model and sizes. Also, it ensures basket production in demanded sizes besides standard production.
The standard diameter of the wire used in basket production is 1 mm and mesh distance is 4 mm. But this distance can also be arranged according to the special demands. Besides, ASELTECH manufactures fine mesh baskets for small instruments, laundry baskets and endoscopic baskets. These baskets can also be produced in demanded sizes and mesh distances.

Please contact our company for any special production basket.

Silicone Mat and Accessories Systems

These products aim to protect sensitive surgical instruments or other sensitive medical instruments and equipment and to prevent them from being damaged by hitting each other during handling and cleaning of these instruments. Various silicone accessories are available to support sterile container systems and wire baskets.


As you know, there are two general methods for the sterilization and protection of surgical instruments: single-use wrap and reusable sterilization container systems.

The main differences between these methods are efficiency and return on investment.
Return on Investment: The single-use wraps seem more economical at first view. They are single-use and disposable. However, these medical wastes are 5-10% of the total medical waste streams of hospitals. Furthermore, single-use wraps can tear during the sterilization process because of any reason. In this case, sterilization is performed again and this may cause many delays. The aluminum sterilization containers can be considered as non-economic at first view but the life¬time of them is more than 5 years. When the lifetime is based on, the total cost reduces approximately at a rate of 70-80% more when compared with the cost of single-use wraps and that’s why they are more economical choice.
Environmental Awareness: The sterilization containers has a big role for the care that we need to take for our life space which is polluted more day by day. The sterilization containers do not cause any kind of medical waste streams and pro¬tect the environment.
Efficiency: You do not face with any tearing and containerization is a more effective method for the sterilization. In terms of following and detecting the sterilization period and result, It increases the efficiency with accessories like automatic lock, indicator window and security seal.
Reliability: They protect the surgical instruments in the maximum level with the help of their hard and sheltered structure.
Ease of Identification: Reaching the information of instruments inside the sterilization container is easier due to the face plate that sterilization containers have in both sides. Moreover, they provide ease of identification with the help of different lid color options creating color coding.
Safe Handling: They enable more proper, easier and safer transportation with their ergonomic design and handles.